Onsite Business Process ReEngineering
Corporate BPR Seminar (2 days)
Event Driven organizations are being recognized as the most responsive to their customers. The management of an Event Driven development effort or of any system development effort (producing manual or automated systems) is crucial to an organization's success.

Obviously quality management methods are a major factor in maintaining the health and growth of an organization.

This seminar provides the project leader/manager with the necessary skills to coordinate and facilitate (manage) a Customer Focused system development or purchased package effort. The role of a manager involves balancing many factors to protect the project team from outside distractions that may hamper their efforts to produce quality, successful systems or to ensure that an outsourced development effort stays on track and produces the correct system.

These factors include such things as: starting a project off right with a Project Charter and understanding and coordinating the Methods and Models used by process and information analysts and business people. It is also vital that the manager keep the project customer focused by understanding Event Driven concepts and applying that understanding to every part of the project. Another key management role is to ensure the consistent use of a good project Methodology throughout the analysis, design, and implementation project activities.

This seminar presents an effective, customer oriented, understandable Event Driven Methodology to produce customer focused systems.

On the project planning side, the manager must not rely on estimates, but rather use a valid projection technique as advocated in this seminar to balance the four typical project planning characteristics of: Deadline, Resources, Requirements, and Quality.

The seminar will also cover the role of management in strategic planning via the Event Driven Methodology to ensure the organizationís survival in an increasingly competitive environment.

This Information Model will flow naturally into the Organization's Information Model and on into database and manual file design.

Last but not least, another focus of the seminar is on developing the people leadership skills necessary to allow fully empowered employees make the project succeed.

This seminar is for Project and Program managers, Business Owners and others having responsibilities to purchase, build or implement systems support for business mission areas dealing with strategic and project planning.
Course Outline:
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