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What is a Business Event
Is Your Next Project Doomed?
How to Analyze and Engineer your Business to be the best in your industry!
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I want to talk to all you Business Owners, Analysts and Managers - regardless of the size of your business or Organization.
You need to use every tool you can get your hands on for your business to be successful in today's economy.

So I want to let you know about a new eBook "How to Analyze a Business" this may be the most important book you’ll ever read to benefit your business.
eBook (PDF format)
Illustrations, charts and graphic models.
By Brian Dickinson
As a business owner myself I'm sure you're faced with many of the same issues I face, such as:
How do I make sure I have the most streamlined and cost effective processing when satisfying my customers' requests?

How do I maintain the quality and consistency of my processing when hiring new people or installing new software?

How do I document effectively all the steps that need to be taken and the data that are needed when satisfying the many different requests of my customers?

How can I get all the information about my business out of my head and into a professional business model?

How can I quickly implement new technology without adversely affecting my important business rules and processing?

How do I create an infrastructure for my business to obtain maximum efficiency?

How do I replicate my business when I want to expand?

What is it that I sell when I want to sell my core business?

What are the “big guys” doing that I should be doing?

How do I become the best in my industry/market?
After years of teaching large Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies how to improve their operations I am convinced that I can do the same for any sized business.
My name’s Brian Dickinson and I’m President of Logical Conclusions Incorporated, a Business Training and Consulting company I started in the early 80’s.

Over the years I’ve written a number of business books, seminars and articles on a methodology that has saved organizations millions in operating costs. I’ve become known as an expert in the field of business improvement and business reengineering. So I get invited to give talks at prestigious conferences around the world. And get called in to consult and teach my methodology at large organizations.
Unlike a Fortune 500 company, you many not have a large budget to hire an expert consultant to come and analyze your processing and recommend the best structure for your business.

I want to let you know what the "big guys" are doing and why they pay me thousands of dollars for my seminars and consulting.
I've shown many large successful businesses how to be the best, customer-focused business in their industry. Now I'd like to share this knowledge with all businesses.

The good news is when you implement the ideas in this book you have the opportunity to change and grow easily now instead of waiting to call in someone like me later to undo all the wrong turns.

After thirty years of consulting and teaching to many organizations I have captured my knowledge into this eBook which will help all businesses regardless of their size.

The book is aimed at a general audience, with no heavy technical jargon even though it's a technical subject.

I’ve condensed the very best from my business training into one convenient, easy to use eBook ... your downloadable guide for turning your business into a 21st Century, cutting-edge, customer-focused powerhouse.
The eBook contains a step by step guide on how to analyze and engineer your business for efficiency ... customer satisfaction... and profitability - but you need to take the first step…
Now you can have the latest techniques at your fingertips. This eBook shows you how to analyze and grow by creating a business that will build loyalty with your customers.

My training has worked for many organizations both private and government - and it will work for your business too.
The biggest obstacle to efficiency in any business

How to identify your essential "Core" business functions

The six important things you must identify about your core functions

How to use professional Event-Driven business models

How to streamline your business processing workflow

How to design the most efficient Customer-Focused business
What you will learn:
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Direct download for only $19.00